” the shopkeeper pointed to a spot on the board near him. Bakha put his anna there. the betel-leaf-seller dashed some water over  it from the jug with which he sprinkled the betel leaves now and again. having thus purified it he picked up the nickel piece and threw it into the counter, than he flung a packet of red-lamp cigarettes at Bakha,as a butcher might throw a bone to an insistent dog sniffing round the corner of his shop.”(pg.33)

Untouchable  Mulk Raj Anand

Anand presents workers specifically the sweepers as people who are below any other job categorie.in this particular passage we can see the interaction between two workers, a shopkeeper and a sweeper. we can easily see through the shopkeepers treatment towards the sweeper that the sweeper is viewed as below him. moving further into this paragraph we can even see how the idea of being a sweeper came with a stigma and the sweeper himself was embarrassed of his position. so throughout this we can see that class is  presented.